Welcome to Evil Pixie Works!

:+: This site is under construction!  Sorry... we aren't in business just yet. :+:

This is a home based company designed around the home workshop, crafting goods to be sold locally in independent shops around Fort Collins Colorado as well as limited online sales.

Most of the goods will be the hand-made soaps, some will be hand-crafted wind-chimes as well as hand-crafted candles.  Nothing imported from China!  Every item slightly unique, made with love and care... sold right to real people.  Every effort will be made to use recycled packaging and promote a healthy world.

The best part about this business for me, I can work on my own time and at my own pace, without the complications of working for “the man”.  And as far as equipment goes, for the soaps, many of the tools needed can be crafted by my same hands.  No need to order wooden tools when I can also craft those in the same workshop.  There are things I will need to buy... I can't craft a drill press.  The “Evil Pixie” theme has been mine for some time, however I am shopping to have something a little more unique crafted just for me.  I designed the original... and it's not exactly original.  From these same hands, I have been a crafter and an artist for most of my life.  Making even a small living by doing something you love is not only my dream, but I would think it would be the dream of many others.

Also, I should mention for the record, this idea has been in place for a little while... but the bigger challenge is the functional aspect.  Originally, I was going to start with candles because I do have the most experience making those and have been giving them away as gifts for many years.  However, after much consideration I feel the soaps would be in far higher demand.  Thus the main challenge.

For a little while now, I’ve been searching for a grant to start this home base business without any luck.  Many ads claim to be reaching out to help possible home business owners like me and unfortunately they all seam to be scams or dead ends.

I am currently still searching for seed money!  Starting a home based soap business is not cheap.  Materials must be purchased in bulk to make the business grow.  If anyone dare wish to help this dream become real, I would welcome any donation.  I have no clue how it works, but I’m sure a donation could even be tax deductible.  The business aspects of making items, pricing to sell, selling them... all things I’ve done before.  I just don’t know the tax system very well.  Until there is growth... then I’ll have to worry more, clearly.

Also, with success, a more formal web site will be generated to show off the hand-made items.  For now, we have this and Facebook.  Baby steps.

If you have any questions or comments, please email me at “EvilPixieWorks@Hotmail.com”  Thank you from the Evil Pixie Works.